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8 Reasons You Should Work With A Performance Coach

Quarter One of the New Year is coming to a close. How are your goals going?

No one wants to spend another year mark timing towards their goals or wallowing in inaction. Yet, as the years roll around, many of us remain perched at the starting line, watching, waiting, and even hoping. And even when we when we are in the middle of pursuing our goals, we wonder if we couldn’t improve or become more effective.

Performance coaching can ensure you don’t spend another month worrying yourself sick about your progress and your overall performance.

And the good news is that you never have to wait before there’s a performance issue for you to consider engaging a performance coach. Here is why you should engage a performance coach this year;

1. You Want to Go Beyond Your Current Levels of Performance

Sometimes, we feel like we have done all we can do or that we have gone as high as we can. Tom Hopkins once warned us to “prepare for the trauma of success,” that is, the kind of depression we get when achieve our goals too soon or when we lose the challenge of chasing after them. A performance coach can help you scale new heights, and to envision new horizons.

It’s hard enough maintaining our current levels of performance or success. However, performance coaching can help unlock higher potential, which you were unaware existed or could even achieve while working on your own.

2. Consistency

The truth is, we need consistency, repetition and constant reminders to stick to our goals. Top performance, lasting success and any kind of fulfillment depend on consistency and discipline. Day after day and week after week, we need a constant reminder of our goals and that we need to keep moving forward towards them.

Having a performance coach to help you measure, track, and improve on a consistent basis can help you achieve favorable results in the long run. A performance coach will target specific areas of improvement and help align you with your most cherished goals.

Since a performance coach has a great understanding of the underpinnings of human psychology and behavior, he or she will also help you get past the games you play with your thoughts and emotions by giving a practical guide to achieve your aims.

3. Deep Clarity

Anthony Robbins once remarked that “people are not lazy but, they have impotent goals, the kind that don’t inspire action.” We all think it is a good idea to have some goals or to work towards some kind of pre-conceived end. But many people are often never clear about what they want or even about the kind of markers they should be having for their success. Performance coaching will help you get deep clarity about the kind of goals you really want and should be pursuing.

After questioning you, a performance coach will help identify blind spots so that you can get the right answers. In fact, performance coaching is all about getting you to ask yourself the right questions rather than supplying you with the answers.

4. You Keep Losing Sight of Your Goals

It is incredibly difficult to measure your overall performance if you keep losing sight of your goals. You become like a train which has veered off the track and therefore, no one can measure its speed or capabilities. A performance coach will question your beliefs, assumptions, mindsets, and the kind of thoughts you hold about your goals. He or she will read right through you and get you to take the needed action.

Our goals can sometimes seem to fade off, losing their earlier allure. This could mean that they were either not the right ones to begin with, or that we keep getting distracted. Working with a performance coach will help you identify your most cherished goals and also stay focused on them.

5. You Need Practical, Objective Feedback

Imagine hiring someone just to give impartial, quality and objective feedback. Someone whose success depends on helping you make the right moves. How differently do you think you would perform? A performance coach is incredibly focused on your success as a person and will give you the kind of feedback you need to stay on top of things.

Often mistaken as criticism, feedback is critical for improving performance and is usually more effective when people seek it out for themselves. Even more important is the delivery of that feedback. A performance coach is highly trained to give honest, objective, and practical feedback, no matter how ugly or unpleasant it is. As a result, productivity and performance improve as you work towards your goals.

6. Honest, Tough-Love Style Accountability

Remember the last time you had to perform a specific task and several people were counting on you? Chances are that you did accomplish the task, and with minimal motivation or prodding. The mere fact that you had people counting on you became an immediate reward. Accountability helps build ownership of projects or goals and will push you further than where motivation can.

You may not have a bunch of folks cheering you on when working on your personal goals but you still need to keep going. Working with a performance coach as an accountability partner will help re-create the same kind of drive to keep moving towards your goals. He or she will enforce deadlines as you inch closer to the kind of results you want.

7. When a Slump in Performance Means Actual Loss

In certain situations, a slump in performance can mean actual losses in ratings, money value, and any other kind of disadvantage. While high-performance individuals have a lot of confidence in their ability to stay on top, they also know too well that they need support to maintain top performance. Mental toughness alone isn’t enough, not nearly as much.

A performance coach is invaluable and more than justifies his or her cost, especially if the cost of underperformance is too high. Performance coaching often pays for itself in the tremendous benefits garnered from improved effectiveness, more achievements, and top performance.

8. Professional Success

Let’s face it, we need more than a great education, talent, and zeal to rise to the top of our careers. We also need, among other things, organization, strategic planning, and constant improvement in our effectiveness. All these elements weave into each other and require careful thought, planning and execution, including a great deal of support. A performance coach can be incredibly helpful when navigating the web of professional success.

If you are looking for a support in achieving your goals, contact us to be connected to a Performance Coach!

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins and Team PCU

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