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Accountability – Coaching’s Key Element

accountability coaching tips



If someone were to ask me, what is the key to successful coaching clients to high performance, I would have to say it is Accountability.


As a coach, our job is not to simply sit with clients and talk about things in theory in hopes that it sticks and they make a change. We operate in active participation, collaboration and follow through. Accountability is a key role in that cycle.


From the initial intake form or the initial conversation, being able to reflect back on what the client said they want and creating your coaching strategy around that requires organization on your part.


Here are 5 Tips To Improving Accountability in Coaching

These easy to implement ways to ensure you are prepared to support your clients by holding them accountable to their goals.


1 – Write things down

whether it is right after the meeting or as the person is talking, be sure to take note of key things they said or committed to.

2 – Ongoing accountability

Depending on where the client is, this could be a  daily or weekly survey to check on the actions they are taking to achieve their goals. As their coach, be sure to review these prior to your coaching sessions and incorporate them into their coaching plan.

3 – Follow up on agreements

Goals should be clearly defined and followed up on.

4 – Watch for changes

Look for things that have changed in the person’s life or situation that may be affecting their goals. Check-in and ensure that the goal you originally set, is still in alignment as coaching progresses.

5 – Evaluate yourself.

Periodically assess your own performance as a coach by asking yourself these two questions:

  • Am I meeting the needs of each person? Approach your role with a trial-and-error mentality and show openness in making adjustments along the way. Periodically check in with everyone you’re coaching about what is working and what is not — but trust your judgment.
  • Am I holding up my end of the bargain? Coaching is a two-way street, so be honest with yourself about whether you’re getting in the way of people’s progress or sending mixed messages about your expectations. Do what you can to make everyone on your team more successful.


Depending on what you are coaching on as well, be sure to use the technology tools are your disposal. Research and find the tools that work for you and for your client to support momentum. Bonus points if the tool provides reports to you as well!


To your success,


Jairek Robbins


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