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Are you who your coaching clients are looking for?


We have covered that it’s important to know what types of coaching clients you want to work with and who you are built to help. However with the increase in popularity of coaches, it’s also important to know what your clients are looking for.


For instance, if you are a coach who is looking to work with entrepreneurs, according to INC. Magazine, this is what that group should be looking for in a coach:


1. Find someone you share chemistry and mindset with.

2. Find a coach who will hold you accountable.

3. Ask for a needed dose of honesty.

4. Look for someone with opposing strengths.

5. Make sure they have goodwill towards you and your company.

6. Seek out someone eager to teach by example.

7. Look for a mentor, not a “coach.”

8. Look for someone who admits their failures.

9. Make sure they are trustworthy and objective.

10. Ensure they have the ability to bring out your best thinking.


Having this information will help you in everything from structuring your marketing to streamlining the questions you ask in your discovery sessions. Get to know your audience.

Quick Tip!

Keep it Super Simple: We are in a google centric world and that is a simple way to get to know what information people are receiving when looking up coaches. Google; What to look for in a (your specialty) coach. I guarantee you, they are doing the same.