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Coaching Website Checklist Part 1


Coaching Website Checklist



If you are starting up a website for your coaching business, it is essential that you have the right content. Quality content on your site will help drive traffic and build your coaching business. There are many factors to look at when deciding what content to include on your coaching website.


Let’s take a look at some of the most important content items for a coaching website


Clearing Everything Up

You want your website to show off what it is you do. The content needs to reflect what type of coaching you specialize in. If it is too vague, the reader will be both confused and disinterested. With concise content that explains who you are and what you do, your readers will be invested in your website. It’s very important to make sure your content addresses your target market. If your particular coaching type is more niche, your website should reflect that. Additionally, properly branding yourself will make you more memorable to those viewing your site. With the right branding you will be able to speak to your target market more effectively.

Proper Copywriting

Having the right website copy will make your website stand out. Making Coaching Website Checklistsure the content is engaging, you’ll keep those viewing your website
interested in your coaching services. The use of keywords can also help your website be seen more easily. By utilizing the right SEO keywords, you can speak directly to your target market. However, this will all be rendered useless without proper spelling and grammar. If your website’s copy isn’t properly proofread, potential clients will stay away from your website and services.

Inform On The About Page

Your about page is essential in explaining your coaching business. This is
the perfect place to establish credibility for yourself and your career. By showing the values you provide, your audience can know better what to expect when contacting you. Adding a mission to your page will further outline your goals. Additionally, presenting positive testimonials on your about page is the perfect content for reassuring any potential readers about your coaching services.

Stay Consistent And Organized

Posting consistent content will help you in many ways. While it will provide
more information for your coaching website, it will also help you appear on search engines more easily. Outside of this, make sure your coaching website maintains its organization. Licensing and citing all external content is vital in maintaining your website. Checking on all the links and images will also make sure the site remains easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. Making sure all your content is properly cited and operational will play a large part in the appearance of your coaching website.


Keeping learning. Here’s PART 2 of the complete Coaching Website Checklist.

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