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Keeping Track of Your Goals and Measuring For Improvement

Goals, cycles, measurement … Repeat!

Did you ever notice that when you go after a goal sometimes it feels like a never ending marathon of work?

Sometimes you have gotten better but you really don’t know which things, you don’t know how much better they’ve gone and don’t know what’s really changed. I remember I first met a client a few years ago. When I met them, this person was in a situation where they were contemplating ending their life because they weren’t on track and getting the results they wanted.

What’s fascinating is that as I started working with this person they went from that position of not liking life, beating themselves up emotionally where within a few months of working together they had moved cities, gotten a few different job opportunities, they were building the life they wanted, they had a place of their own and all these things were happening. But what is interesting is from my side, because I have a way to track their progress, I had a way to measure how they were doing.

What’s fascinating is that when you’re inside the moment and you look around and it doesn’t feel like a whole lot has changed. If you are lacking that moment of clarity that allows you to step back and notice exactly how you are doing I have some solutions for you to help you with the process.

What things would you want to measure consistently and how are you going to measure it?

Health and Fitness




Spiritual Life

How long are you going to measure it for and check in to see if it is working?

Here are my thoughts: There are a lot of experts, teachers and thought leaders who tell you “This is the way to do it. This is the 5 pillars to success..etc.” I think that’s kind of old school. We are all different, we are all human beings and we all have our own approach, thought process and because of that everyone has to really dig in and figure out not only what works but what works for you as a human being in your own unique blend and combination of miracle of life. What works for one person might not work for the next person.

Here’s the cool thing about time frames — if you measure, let’s say every 10 days, that means that in every 10 days you can say, “Is it working or not? Is it moving me closer or further away from my goal? And what do I need to adjust in what I am doing to help me get closer to my goal?”

What consistent habit, practice or routine must you put in place in order to consistently make progress?

There are 2 options here: it might be locking in one specific thing you do every single day OR you can pick one action each day.