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How To Prepare for a Successful Coaching Call

Successful coachingThe worst coach (and client for that matter) is one who is unprepared. Preparing for a successful coaching call is a key factor in any type of coaching success, especially performance coaching.

You’ll need to be adequately prepared for each coaching call. Without the proper coaching preparation, your client may question your abilities and consider your coaching skills to be uninspiring. By taking the proper steps toward fully preparing your coaching calls, you’ll be able to both assist your client and assure them of your coaching prowess.

Establish Rapport

Knowing how to connect with your client should be your initial priority. By creating a connection and understanding what they need, you’ll be able to further outline the steps they need to take. This connection can give you a better view of your client’s goals, the most vital step when it comes to successful coaching calls.

how to PREPARE FOR a successful coaching call infographic

Discuss Results

Something you’ll want to speak with your coaching client about early in the coaching relationship is results. Successful coaching calls provide feedback early on, so you can see more deeply how effective your approach has been and adjust it accordingly. By capitalizing on any victories and learning from mistakes, the coaching relationship will be more beneficial for both sides.

Utilize Performance Coach Tools & Strategies

With all you’ve learned from Performance Coach University, you should have plenty of strategies to take from for any successful coaching call. By utilizing these strategies, you’ll have plenty of lessons to go off of. With the wide variety of strategies offered at PCU, you’ll be able to assist your client with proven lessons.

Set Micro Goals and Milestones Between
Coaching Calls

Additionally, you should be able to cap off the coaching call by giving assignments to your client. Utilizing assignments can be beneficial in many ways.

First, it helps to work with the client outside of scheduled sessions. This makes the work you do go beyond coaching calls, and helps to strengthen the relationship between you and your client. It also highlights any lesson learned during the session, as it will keep it fresh in the client’s mind. Finally, utilizing assigned work for your client can help to monitor the goals of your client and continue the journey toward achieving them.

Role the Highlight Reel: Recap Major Lessons, Wins, Progress, and Outcomes

Finishing the coaching call with a reminder of the session’s value is the best way to complete your time with the client. Taking a look at what was learned and how they should use your lessons will leave them with something to analyze and build off of for the next session and future sessions to come.

At the end of each session, a recap of what progress is made can be very helpful. By outlining the positive advancements you’ve made together, you create a blueprint to work on for future sessions.

Download the full breakdown of how to prepare for a successful coaching call below.