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Save Time & Money with These Email Templates for Coaches

life coach email templates for coaches business coaches executive performance coachingWhy Are Coaching Email Templates So Important?

Email has been one of the simplest and quickest forms of communication. In your coaching business, this platform is very important because this is an efficient way for you if you need to reach out to clients, partners, and other people you have business relationships or are potentially building a business relationship with. While writing emails can be very efficient compared to phone calls or meetings, sometimes we get stuck into creating them!


Don’t worry- We’ve created a handful of Email Templates for Coaches below!


Getting buried is emails is one hurdle that some coaches may not have acknowledged that is slowing their business and productivity greatly. However, there are still some little hacks that you can do to help you get through this little bump in your business life and get this area organized. It is called – email templates (or drafts). The name could sound plain and boring but this is an actual “business life saver.”


Let’s face it; emails can be used in every aspect of your coaching business – from sales to marketing to customer service. This tool is essential. This is why you should be able to know maximize its features and benefits.


Email templates or drafts are very important. This will allow us to speed up the process of sending an email message without losing our main content.  Creating coaching email drafts or templates will allow us to deal with everything from the most common coaching situations (such as thank you, welcome to coaching, FAQs, scheduling a coaching call or meeting, sending coaching agreements or proposals, etc.) to tough situations (turning away a coaching client due to budget, wrong type of coaching client, handling client or customer complaints, etc.)


Of course, pre-written coaching email templates should always have your personal touch and that’s the beauty of it.


If you are not yet convinced, here are just some of the benefits of creating coaching email templates and why you should use them:

Saves you time, money and energy –


As a coach, why spend 15-30 minutes of your time writing the same email over and over  when you can utilize a good 25 minutes doing something else such as marketing your coaching services?

Having email drafts or templates for coach clients and coaching prospects will allow you to send your message through in just 2 minutes rather than 15-30! This will also enable you to maximize your productivity and efficiency by focusing on what you do best – coaching.


Email templates for your coaching business will give you the freedom to do correspondences with just a touch of button and be able to run the other sides of your business.

Provides Consistency –

Not all people can write well. When you use an email draft or template, it provides consistency in your tone, content, formatting and structure. There’s no need to start from scratch, just a simple touch-up or editing and your email is ready.

Demonstrates Professionalism –

A good pre-written email template or draft will help you to send your message across in a professional yet friendly manner. Using email templates helps you run your business professionally.

Creates Brand Awareness –

Using the same email template consistently every time you send an email will create brand consistency and awareness towards your clients/ customers.


Utilizing email templates can help your coaching business grow and expand without having to do much legwork. It is a very inexpensive and efficient way to help your day-to-day operations. That’s why we made these coaching email templates below to help you run your coaching business more effectively and efficiently allowing you to focus on what you do best – COACH!


Download this starter pack of 4 solid email templates for coaches below. Let us know what you think by tweeting @jairekrobbins and let us know if you’d like more in the future!


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