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PCU Coaching Tip: 7 Steps to BRANDING Success


How do we get prospects to become leads and then become paying clients? 


The answer isn’t, tell them how awesome you are. Nor is the answer to tell them how much better you are than your competitor. 




The reason is that it’s not about you. When it comes to marketing and sales, if you want to become a successful coach, it’s not about you trying to convince people how good you are – if you’re a performance coach university grad – they KNOW you’re good. 


The answer is to clarify your message so that the CUSTOMER is the HERO, not your company or brand. Think of your customer (or prospect) as Luke Skywalker, and you are Yoda. They are the hero. You are the guide. 


Marketing has very much changed in this way. The businesses and brands that don’t make their customer the hero are forgotten. Let’s put our customer’s stories and victories above our own to showcase to the world. 


If telling your brand’s story is new to you or you know something just isn’t quite working with your marketing message, we recommend you check out the book: BUILDING A STORY BRAND Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by DONALD MILLER.



We’re going to give you a breakdown of the SB7 framework covered in this book, but trust us it’s worth a read or listen because the case studies and stories that are shared are brilliant examples and stories of companies who embrace this framework and dominate in their industry. Think Apple, National, Pixar, and more. 


Here’s an overview the SB7 framework, a 7 Step Process for Telling Your Company’s Story: 


1 – A real character  

Make the customer the hero of your message, not your brand


2 – With a problem

Customers buy solutions to their internal problems, not external problems – this is a MUST read section of the book that will really make you understand how to really engage a customer and connect on a much deeper level through your story.  


3 – Meets a guide 

Customers aren’t looking for heroes, they’re always looking for a guide. As a coach, you know exactly what this means and what it doesn’t. If you want more clarity on this, buy the book or hop on our next office hours call and we’ll dive into this. 


4 – Who gives them a plan

Customer trust a guide who has a plan, especially if it’s based on experience. 


5 – That calls them to action

People prefer to do nothing and will not take action until they are challenged. 


6 – So they avoid failure

Every person on the planet is trying to avoid a tragic ending. (Think pain vs pleasure from our PCU training if you’re a PCU student)


7 – And end up succeeding

Never assume people understand how your brand can change them – tell them. 


Again, we highly encourage you to pick up a copy of this book as you’re looking to attract your ideal clients and turn them into long-lasting/raving fans. If you’ve already read the book, we look forward to diving into this content with you on an upcoming Performance Coach University office hours. 


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