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[PCU Coaching Tip] Managing Your Energy for Fruitful Connections


How do people feel when you are around them?


More specifically. How do people who have something you want, whether it be personal or professional, feel when they are interacting with you?


We ask this because often when we find ourselves around someone who has something we want, something we value, or want to get to know – we may find ourselves falling into the creepy zone, where we try to become a heightened version of ourselves. It happens to or has happened to everyone at one point or another… which is why the awareness of it is so important. Especially as a coach.


Often we meet people who we are so confident we can help. We know for certain we could help them get to the other side of the challenge they are experiencing. We are so ready and gung-ho and are pulling out all the stops to show that we are the coach for them. But somehow, in the conversation, they become creeped out. they may even say things like, this is too good to be true, right before they disappear! This may indicate that you have dialed your creep-o-meter way up.


If you find yourself overly presenting yourself Рor trying to convince your clients of something Рit will be a key indicator to dial things back. This is so critical Рbecause it can blind and hinder us from making fruitful connections.


Check out the video below and learn the 2 questions to ask yourself before your next connection that you are super excited about!



To your success,


Jairek Robbins and Team PCU