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Performance Coaching Tools – Breathing, Visualizations,

We’re going to start sharing some of our favorite things here at Performance Coach University to help you optimize your personal performance (and the performance of your clients/team) as well as give you tips on how to become a better coach, and grow your business.

So welcome to this week’s PCU highlight reel. Let’s get started…


Think it, do it. Ever imagine yourself running it out at mile 22 of a marathon, even though you were comfortably seated on your couch? That Mental Rehearsal is actually a great technique to rack up practice, by imagining yourself performing a task rather than physically doing it. (Kinda sends that “consultant” vibe, doesn’t it?)

Skeptics? Refer to USA gold-medal winning swimmer, Katie Ledecky — a Mental Rehearsal success story. (Watch this video below)

This gave us chills. Wim Hof’s meditation and exercise method will do the same for you.


Do it mindfully. Get your client into a totally relaxed, meditative state with controlled breathing and progressive muscle relaxation. Once you can do that, you will help create the mental space for them to be coached successfully.

Read all about it right here from Harvard:

Ask wisely. What kind of questions help you get the best experience for your coachees? How have you successfully connected with certain individuals in the past? Here’s a hint: don’t start with “why.”


The Dashboard Dash. Social Media doesn’t have to take up half your day. Get organized with one of these.

That’s it for our fave’s this week. Stay tuned for our next batch of tips, tools and strategies to optimize your performance.

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins


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