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Performance Coach Insights: Better Habits, Better Answers, Better Content


It’s been another amazing week at Performance Coach University. By the end of the week, I like to think about my high points and low points, and plan out how I can do better next week.  One not-so-secret path to success is in forming good habits. Let’s talk about a few good shortcuts to building these to be a better person, an awesome coach, and a top-notch business owner. First step, don’t procrastinate! Let’s get going.


Human Performance Optimization

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The Power of Habit  is truly a must-read. Every coach needs to understand how habits are created and changed to make sure them and their clients have only positive habits which support their goals and outcomes. This is one of my favorites — it shows us that regardless of the goal, it’s vital to understand the underworkings of our routines. 

better habits charles duhig



Become a Better Performance Coach

Admit it!

You know that feeling you get when a client asks you a question that you can’t quite answer? Some of us tend to go into answering everything but the question — trying to cover up that we don’t know. It’s time to break that bad habit. Next time those shoes are on your feet, admit it. That doesn’t mean bailing on the question, though! Research and come back with an answer next time.



Arguably as exciting as the other kind of kiss… Keep It Short and Simple. Most people have the habit of over-explaining things and being excessive, but this week, challenge yourself to keep it simple. You’ll be surprised how much better your clients will understand you.

Here are a few tips to avoid being too wordy: 

  • Eliminate uncertain phrases like ‘I guess’, ‘sort of’, ‘probably.
  • Minimize pointless tags that add no value such as ‘know what I mean’ and ‘you see’.
  • Refrain from using pet words and phrases like ‘if you ask me’, ‘clearly’ and ‘significant’.
  • Avoid excessive repetition for emphasis.
  • For more jump over to:


Grow Your Coaching Business

Be a creator.

It’s not easy to get in the habit of rocking your social media profiles, blogs and other content every day of the week, but doing it will have a huge impact on your growth. Here’s your chance to get creative: implement contests, themed posts and special events that will draw potential clients to your page.


Seek Inspiration.

Ideas for all that awesome content are around every corner. Make it a habit to look & listen for them.

“When customers voluntarily express what works, what doesn’t, and what their wish-fors are, the smart content marketer listens. Here are a few ways how:

  • Amazon reader reviews – A good search query can surface business books related to your industry, product/service, emerging technologies, and more. Skim the verified reviews for keywords, criticisms, and observations written by readers. Start a worksheet like this one to keep record of possible ideas while you research.
  • Mobile app reviews – See above. What features and functionality do actual users like? Often, new ideas for product performance are born out of a product release or update.
  • Podcast reviews – See above (yes, your worksheet should be growing!). People who review podcasts may be as likely to comment on a speaker’s style or voice as they are actual content. Sift through those to uncover specific ideas for future episodes, straight from those concerned with the material.
  • Letters to the editor – While not likely to pan out ideas in large scale, letters written to the editor of your trade association, industry-focused magazines, and general business publications could surface some useful nuggets.


Another good habit to stick to? Opening up this email and reading it each week, of course. Check back next week for more tips for being your best.


To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins


How do you keep up your good habits and healthy routines? Let me know, along with your requests and suggestions via Twitter.  What do you want more or less of? Let me know! Just send a tweet to @jairekrobbins and put #PCUtip in there so I can find it.


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