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Performance Coach Insights: Runners High, Net-Promoter Scores, LinkedIn Secrets

Welcome back! Glad you could make it.

As a performance coach, promotion is the name of the game in business. This week, we want to promote your good health, your customer feedback and your own personal brand. Let’s jump right in for this week’s faves.

Human Performance Optimization

Start with a workout.
Turns out, runner’s high is no myth. Scientists have found evidence that the endocannabinoid system is activated by exercise — that’s the same pleasure-filling and pain-dulling center that’s acted on by cannabis. We’d gladly get hooked on a feel-good drug like running, of course!

Scientists are showing that the runner’s high and the yogi’s tranquility have profound effects on your brain. Moreover, specific physical activities can markedly alter its structure in precise ways.

A wave of studies exploring the unexpected links between mental and bodily fitness is emerging from labs. This research might give you the impetus to get more active. It can also help you choose the best ways to prepare physically for mental challenges such as exams, interviews and creative projects. Read more to learn how you can boost your performance and that of your coaching clients or team:

Free your mind…
We’re totally hooked on Muse — it’s a game changer when it comes to getting more out of meditating. This brain-sensing headband has been shown to ease stress and anxiety, and giving you real-time feedback on what’s going on upstairs. Plus, we think it looks pretty slick.

Become a Better Coach

The Big Question
The answers you get from the age-old question, “How likely is it that you will recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” tells you all about the future of your business. Instead of relying on instinct or guess, get data with the help of Survey Monkey’s Net Promoter Score. Check it out:

Ask Nicely
If you want to know, just ask… right? Not so fast. There’s a right way to ask for that feedback. Check out these tips on asking nicely for feedback: (Spoiler Alert: “Thank you” is a MUST.)

One tip that can immediately boost your feedback response rate as a performance coach:

Know why you’re asking – Asking just “one more” question can hurt. You must know why you’re asking what you’re asking.


Grow Your Business

Don’t Get Linked Out
Make your LinkedIn profile stand out. Here are some secrets to LinkedIn success.

Here’s one action you can immediately take to boost your LinkedIn profile as a performance coach: 

Finish your profile

According to LinkedIn, users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities such as job offers, mentors, or new business. Your LinkedIn profile is your digital resume. You can add more detail than you can on your printed resume. It will set you apart from your competition.

To achieve unofficial “all-star” status, include:

• Your industry and location
• Current position, including description
• Two past positions
• Education
• A minimum of three skills
• At least 50 connections

Check out the other 60+ great LinkedIn tips here:


How do you like our new Performance Triad – Focused on Performance as a human, a coach, and a business? There are more great tips to come. Until then, send me your feedback and thoughts and thank you for reading!


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