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[Performance Coaching Tool] 5 Questions To Let Go Of Past Pain

There is a physical, mental, and emotional jail that you can lock yourself in by holding a grudge, anger, or negative emotion. Holding onto these negative emotions greatly decreases our performance on many levels. Though some may argue that you can use negative to fuel positive, but ultimately your mind will never be free until you let go of past pain.

In fact you may have heard the old saying “holding a grudge against someone is the equivalent of drinking poison and hoping for them to die.”  So while performance coaching usually doesn’t involve going back to the past like therapy, counseling, or maybe even life coaching would, when your client is holding on to something that’s hindering their future performance, we need to do some work.

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So we created this special Performance Coach University worksheet that you can use yourself (which we encourage) or use with one of your clients. It’ll walk you through some important questions to let go of past pains such as the ones below.

5 Questions To Let Go Of Past Pain:

  1. Why have I really hold on to this?

  2. What are your reasons for choosing to hold on this past pain?

  3. What would happen if I chose to let go of this and free yourself?

  4. What freedom will this give you on the other side?

  5. And finally, ask yourself why are you determined to let this go today?

Download this free Performance Coach University worksheet below, it’s a very powerful tool and one of the most popular tools that our performance coaches use to break off past pains and greatly increase present and future performance for their clients with so much more peace in their heart and soul.

If you found this tool helpful, set up a call with one of our Performance Coach University advisors to discuss ways to become a certified performance coach and increase the impact you have on others.

To Your Succes,

Jairek Robbins + Team PCU