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Surviving All the Seasons of Your Business – Especially the Hard Times!

Today we are diving into how to prepare, and absolutely thrive during WINTER.


You may be looking outside – and confused – Winter?


In this case, we are referring to winter in terms of business, life and love as coined by Jim Rohn in “The Seasons of Life”.


In his book, Rohn categorizes parts of life and business by the seasons as we go through different stages from beginning stages, to the growth stages, harvesting the fruits of your labor, and finally the decline or tough times which we may go through at any given time.


The beginning stages of starting a new business, or developing a new relationship, where you are planting your seeds in ‘Spring’. We must seize the opportunity to work and ‘plant seeds’ for the (inevitable) rough times ahead.


Summer is where the prep work has been done and things are beginning to grow! Whether your business or your relationship, the foundation you have created is starting to pay off and you’re seeing progress, you’re feeling the momentum. Similar to summer as we know it, you must protect and care for your plants, just like you must look after your life, your love, and your business (and all other areas you’ve planted seeds) to protect it as well for winter may come earlier.



Fall, as Rohn refers, is the time where your hard work has truly paid off and you’re reaping the rewards. It’s time to enjoy the harvest, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do. It would be foolish to think you have nothing else to do. You must continue to keep a champion’s mindset, to prepare and power through winter which could come at any given moment.


The most important thing to know about the ‘seasons of life’ is that while they are mostly in order to the seasons we know in literally, winter (or a disaster/downtime) in your life could come at any time. The most important factor to know and to help you persevere through winter is that winter doesn’t last forever. It could be the worst winter, or disaster you’ve faced in your life/love/business, but it won’t last forever.


The best thing you can do for yourself to make it through winter is to work smart to get out of your situation. To study what happened, why it happened, what did you learn, what could have been better and how can you prevent this winter from happening (this bad) again in the future.

Inevitably winters will come and go, more than once, what’s most important is how we prepare for it, and how we cultivate a champion’s mindset when we are in the middle of one.


Grab today’s download below for powerful action items to make sure you prepare and thrive during each and every winter to come!


To your success- In All Seasons!!


Jairek Robbins + Team PCU