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Massive Action Performance Coaching Worksheet

We created the Massive Action  Coaching Worksheet for coaches (and team leaders) to really help their clients and team step up to their truest potential, to increase their performance and to eliminate procrastination or obstacles that get in their way.


For most people, it’s scary to take that step into the unknown, to take action without a sense of certainty of how it will turn out.


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For other people that brave the journey, here are some core things/elements I’ve seen in those people that are strongest: They are fighting for something much more than themselves. They’re fighting for their family, their kids, for their community. They found a reason or many reasons stacked together that compels them to action every day.


This reason is so compelling and so meaningful to them, that it takes a small army to keep them from following through. When they up in the morning, they put on their best outfit and they go out the door to do what they have to do.


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In order to create this, you must find a reason that is bigger than yourself and find multiple reasons that drive you and spark a fire within. Many people say, “I can’t find my reason!” The truth is, you’ve got to stack them every single day. So how does this work


Everyday come up with 5 more reasons as to why you’re going out there and making it happen. Then once you have come up with these 5 reasons, read the whole list.


Here’s what I have realized over the years in coaching people in performance – one reason will not work all the time, but all reasons will work some of the time. The key here is that you keep on stacking more and more.
This worksheet is designed to help you take action immediately by creating emotional rocket fuel via stacking pain versus pleasure.


To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins + Team PCU