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July 13, 2017

Thank You For Applying To Performance Coach University!

Thank you for choosing to learn from us on your mission to become a world-class Performance Coach!


We will contact you soon regarding the status of your application.


In the meantime, here are some other resources you may find insightful:


6 Important Questions to Find Your Ideal Coaching Clients – When you begin looking for coaching clients, you’ll want to keep these 6 important questions in mind.


Coaching Website Checklist If you are starting up a website for your coaching business, it is essential that you have the right content.


These Powerful Coaching Questions Get To The Root of The Problem – The best coaches are able to quickly filter through a surface level problem and get to root of the problem.


How To Prepare for a Successful Coaching Call – The worst type of coach (and client for that matter) is one who is unprepared. Preparing for a successful coaching call is a key factor in any type of coaching success, especially performance coaching.


To apply for our next Performance Coach Certification Training visit:

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