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These Powerful Coaching Questions Get To The Root of The Problem

Whether you’re a coach, a leader, or a parent, there’s a good chance you’ve been in a situation where someone came to you looking for help or advice. As you put on your best “coaching hat” your brain starts zipping through questions to ask to help dig deeper to the root of the problem.



The best coaches are able to quickly filter through a surface level problem and get to root of the problem.


One thing that differentiates coaches from those that deliver world-class results from those that produce lackluster ones, are powerful questions.


Finding the right questions to ask is crucial to make progress with your client. Likewise, how and when you ask the question is equally important and that all comes down to establishing rapport – that’s a whole other vital coaching topic.


Know someone who keeps running into the same problems?


When the person you’re working with ends up struggle with the same problem over and over again, there’s a good chance you didn’t get to the root of the problem with the questions you asked.


So, we’ve created a coaching tool one-sheet for you which focuses on questions to help you dig deeper.


As a prospective Performance Coach University Coach, this is just a sneak peek into one of the lessons we train you on, extensively, during the first few modules of Performance Coach Training.


Even veteran coaches can find themselves wondering if they could have asked a better question post coaching session.


This handy tool to help you dig deeper in your next coaching session (or team meeting for all you leaders out there).


As coaches, we would always want to ask questions that dig deep or hit home. Think of this scenario where you might ask these questions:

“What’s the problem?”
“How would life look like without this problem?”
“What options do you have to overcome it?”
“What’s one big action you can take right now?”


While those questions are effective in some scenarios, that’s likely only the tip of the iceberg.


Many coaches fail in knowing how to dig deeper and instead they simply scratch the surface of the problem and quickly move on thinking they made progress only to find out your client is still facing that same problem months or weeks later.


This tool will help you & your clients see tremendous results moving forward.


It’s loaded with different ways and questions to get to the root of any problem rather than scratching the surface – or worse – completely ignoring it.


Download your “Digging Deeper” coaching tool one-sheet below.


To Your Success,

Jairek + Team PCU