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What’s The Difference Between A Life Coach And A Business Coach?

Life Coach

When looking into a coaching career, you have a few different styles available to focus on.

Two of the main types available are life coaching and business coaching.


While they share some similarities, the two require different overall mindsets. Thankfully, the resources are available for both paths.


Skills for life coaching and business coaching are both taught at Performance Coach University. Read on to learn more about the benefits of both life and business coaching.

A life coach is there to help with one main thing: setting and achieving goals.


Helping the client to analyze their goals is typically the first step for a life coach. Where do they see themselves in the future? What is their ultimate goal in life? A life coach will also look at their client’s particular skill set to help them build goals they can attain. By teaching how to properly use their abilities, life coaches help steer clients toward a fulfilling completion of their goals.


Business coaching is more geared toward, as the name implies, boosting one’s business sense.


Much like life coaching, a business coach will analyze the goals of one’s business plan. Looking over the vision the business owner has will be a great step towards building the institution. Additionally, the business coach will help to clarify their goals into realistic, attainable objectives for the company.

Coaching is an important tool to utilize.


It can greatly boost one’s confidence and clear up what goals can be met. While this is the main job of a coach, life coaching and business coaching still have their differences. If you’ve got a mind for business and want to help others succeed in building their company, business coaching is the best path. However, if you’re open to help with a wide arrangement of objectives, including more personal goals, life coaching will be right for you.


Performance Coach University can give you the skills needed to decide which type of coaching style you’d like to pursue. PCU teaches more of a combination of coaching styles.


We demonstrate these essential skills because they are very complementary. Keeping your life and business aspects balanced can help you succeed overall. If your only focus is too much on your business, your relationships and personal life can be compromised.


If you focus only on your personal livelihood, it can be damaging to your business interests. By teaching the skills to keep both sides balanced, we are able to focus on hybrid lessons for life and business coaches alike.