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5 Action-based Questions to Help Your Coaching Clients Get Unstuck

Are you feeling stuck? Have a client or team member who is stuck in a rut? (We’ve got the perfect download for you below!)

Listen, it happens to all of us. Whether it’s because we’ve run out of inspiration, burnt ourselves out, or simply overwhelmed ourselves with heaps of “to-do’s”, feeling stuck sometimes is part of life. However, like other life challenges the key is to overcome the challenge as effectively and quickly as we can!

So how do we get out of a rut?

We’ve got a great coaching tool for you that is as powerful as it is easy. It’s a simple one-page coaching tool that makes you ask yourself 5 very important questions. Keep reading below for the questions.

This coaching tool to get you un-stuck and get moving can be used in a personal or professional setting. In fact, anytime you or your clients are feeling overwhelmed, this tool will help to get clarity on exactly where you need to put your focus.

5 questions to ask to get unstuck:

  1. What are things I need to STOP doing?
  2. What are things I need to DO LESS of?
  3. What are things I need to KEEP doing?
  4. What are things I need to DO MORE of?
  5. What are things I need to START doing?

In each column of the worksheet we created for you (download below) think of actions, habits, or behaviors that you find yourself most often doing or things you would like to be doing and put them into one of the 5 columns.

It’s very helpful to have a major outcome in mind when doing this exercise, then fill out the worksheet with items to help you achieve that goal.

Here are some examples of what you might put into each column.

STOP – These are things that are total energy drainers that do now help you achieve your outcomes or goals. They are harmful or not helpful.

DO LESS – These would be activities that aren’t kind of helpful, but they cause much stress and take up a lot of time. Alternatively, they could be very de-stressing, but they are way overused and therefore counter-productive.

KEEP DOING – These are activities, behaviors, or habits that are productive and they utilize just enough of your time and they bring out the best version of you. This might be spending time with loved ones, going to the gym, doing your finances, or team lunches.

DO MORE – Activities in this column would be learning something new that would help you achieve your goals, help you grow, and ultimately be more successful and fulfilled.

START – Activities or habits in the START column are things that you want to start doing. Focus on setting a specific and measurable goal for it. For example, going to a networking event once a month. Taking a new workout class once a week. You may even look for activities that help de-stress if you’re overworked such as taking a vacation 2x a year, turning your email off after a certain hour, or starting each day with a 10-minute meditation.

Be sure to download the coaching tool below to help you get super clear on where and how you need to take action in your life or business to get unstuck and start moving forward towards your goals.

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