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[Coaching Tool] The Perfect Tool for an Intro Coaching Session or Discovery Coaching Call


The wheel of life is one of the most versatile and widely used coaching tools to get a great idea and overview of where someone is at in life – overall. 

It’s a unique way to show your coaching clients what balance (or lack thereof) currently looks like in their life. Our performance coaches may use this tool in a discovery session or sample coaching session to understand where the real gaps are that currently exist in the potential clients life. 

How does this tool work?    (Download the Tool Below!)

The Wheel of Life coaching tool contains the “majors of life” as highlighted in Jairek Robbins book “LIVE IT! Achieve Success By Living With Purpose.”  sections including: 

    • Health
    • Career
    • Friends & Family
    • Love Life/Significant Other
    • Emotions/Personal Growth
    • Fun & Recreation
    • Home Environment
  • Finances

Here’s how to use the Wheel of Life Coaching Tool: 

1Explain the wheel of life and what it signifies to your client. This is a snapshot of life and you may change the categories as needed to reflect focus areas of your clients life. For example, your client may choose to add in ’Spiritual Connection’ and remove personal growth. Or they may choose to split friends and family into two sections. 

2Ask your client to rate each category. “0 would mean that you’re not satisfied in the area and 10 would mean you’re highly satisfied” The center of the wheel is 0,  least satisfied. 10- the edge of the wheel would be very satisfied. 

Ask them to then draw a line across each category that best represents the current level of satisfaction. 

After all the lines are complete, you’ll have something that looks a bit like a spider web. Use this information to give your client a general overview of their current life satisfaction compared to their desired life satisfaction. 

It’s important to remember that this exercise isn’t about getting all perfect 10’s, it’s about a smooth ride on this wheel. Meaning if this wheel were on your car, how smooth or bumpy would this ride be. 

If you’re using this tool in a discovery coaching session you might follow up with asking: 

    • What gaps do you see that you’d like to improve? 
    • What areas do you believe would be most important to focus on in coaching? 
  • Which area of life are you ready to make a change in? 

At this point it’s important to provide them with one short and simple tool they can use to immediately experience and see value in coaching and what you offer. You may also continue to ask powerful coaching questions as shared here: Related – 45 Powerful Coaching Questions

After giving a client homework assignment or value added coaching exercise to work on one of the areas, make sure to hold the client accountable to complete it and follow up as their coach. 

Download the worksheet below.


Ready to level up your coaching and leadership game? Want to make a big impact in the lives of others? Add more power to your purpose with our 12 week online Performance Coach certification course. Apply here: Course overview & Application

Ready to level up your coaching and leadership game? Want to make a big impact in the lives of others? Add more power to your purpose with our 12-week online Performance Coach certification course. Apply here: Course overview & Application