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How to Get and Stay Focused When you’ve Lost Motivation.



Beach Days. Vacations. Clients out of Office. Family in and out of town. Summer can be full of distractions. Distractions can suck the motivation out of even the most dedicated entrepreneur.

This week we are sharing 10 proven ways to get and stay motivated. Whether it’s the Summer slump, a hiccup in your business planning or just a bad day. These tips you will want to keep at hand for the days when motivation


We also have these tips as a download for you to print and keep or share with your clients! Check it out below!


Let’s Dive In!


1 – Use Emotions as your ROCKET fuel. Emotions can go either way on you – they can build or they can destroy. If you can use your emotions in a productive way, you’ll have the most powerful tool to build the life you want and get to your end goal.


2 – Give yourself MORE credit. The MAJOR key to your future is YOU. So make sure yourself credit for being courageous enough to go after what you want.


3 – Reward yourself every step you take in the RIGHT direction. It’s easy to quit, it’s even easier to never try to go after your goals and dreams – that’s why MOST don’t do it. Reward yourself for stepping outside your comfort zone, for challenging status quo.


4 – Acknowledge your progress. Progress is the secret sauce accomplishing your goals, as well as being able to repeat success. If we jumped right to the finish line, we wouldn’t know how to repeat it. Trust the process, acknowledge your progress.


5 – Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to YOU and the BEST you envision for yourself. Other people may be used as the inspiration of what’s possible..


6 – Make “IF” your power word. You will succeed IF you…. You will lose weight IF you….. You will feel better IF you…  If is the most powerful word we have to help navigate how/where you can feel better, look better, do better, be better IF you use it in ways to move you forward.


7 – Surround yourself with positivity.


8 – Obsess with ABOVE average. In every area of life, develop your skills to be above average. There are too many people with below average skills wishing and hoping for above average results.


9 – Stop majoring in minor things. Stay focused on the big picture. When you get caught up in the minors (the things that don’t matter) it’s easy to get burned out, distracted,


10 – Remember things don’t get easier by change, it gets easier by CHANGE.



Download this useful tool as a reminder for yourself and your clients below!


Be sure to share with us which of the tips you feel will serve you best!


To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins and Team PCU

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