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How to Become a High Performance Coach for Businesses


When you have decided that your path and passion in life is to help people achieve their highest potential, choosing to be a coach, is simple. Knowing what you can offer, is simple as well. The challenge can be in deciding who to serve!


Many times when we embark on coaching, you gravitate towards the one on one coaching experience or perhaps group coaching, however, there is a growing need in the area of employee performance coaching. With the addition of millennials to the workforce merging with the previous generations transitioning into upper management or out of the workforce, there is a growing need for coaching to support growth and bridging the gap in communication.


According to this article from the Association of Talent Development the definition of employee coaching:


Coaching is a continual process through which employees learn by doing, …. This process is facilitated by coaches (think: talent developers) who monitor and analyze employee performance, provide ongoing feedback, reinforce positive behaviors, and methodically guide employees toward improving skills and competencies in order to achieve personal and organizational performance goals.


In addition, they break down the difference between coaching and managing in a really powerful way:

Coaching differs from managing in a number of significant ways. Management is about planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources to achieve goals. Rather than merely telling employees what to do, directing and controlling their behavior, and judging their performance, coaches empower employees to explore, enable employees to learn, encourage employees to try, and equip employees to succeed by guiding their ongoing progress and removing obstacles that stand in their way.


If this is an area you would like to explore as an area of impact in your coaching, we are here to support you as we have developed tools and systems to launch coaching programs within corporate environments.


We will arm you with all that is needed to market and implement the performance tools that employees and managers need to level up in every area of life, in and outside of work.


Connect with us at [email protected] if you’d like to learn more about how to implement our new high performance program .


To your success,


Jairek Robbins and Team PCU