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[PCU DOWNLOAD] Use this tool to know when to Quit vs. Move Forward!


A note from Amanda:


Hi Friends!


So last weekend Jairek and I were doing our morning gratitude walk and listing to Ray Dalio’s new Principles book together. I’ve really loved every chapter, but there is one part that made me stop in my tracks and take notes because it answered a question I’ve struggled with for quite some time: “Is it better to only focus on your strengths or should we turn a weakness into strengths?”


Now, personally, I’ve always gravitated to “playing to my strengths” or focusing on my strengths, but there was always the internal critic that made me question whether I was just avoiding my weaknesses when I should be turning them into strengths. Oh, the critic.


Then Ray Dalio shared this brilliant framework that provided much clarity. If you’re not familiar, Ray Dalio is one of the most successful investors, hedge fund managers, and philanthropists in the world… who also happens to be one of the wisest and humble beings I’ve listened to on audible.


His framework helped me figure out exactly when myself or a client should focus on their strengths solely, turn their weaknesses into strengths, whether to completely change directions…. Or whether you’ll be banging your head against the wall trying to figure life or business out.


After listening, I begged Jairek to stop at a bench with me overlooking the ocean where I could take notes to make this flowchart for you, which I hope you find as useful as I did. I encourage you to use it for yourself and share with your clients to really maximize your performance and greatly improve your trajectory.








 Download Below!


Let me know what you think – was this helpful for you too? If so, please share so we can all level up together!



With grace & grit,

Amanda Robbins



Download the worksheet below.

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