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[PCU TOOL] Why Harvard Believes Coaching is a MUST for Companies!



You’ve been thinking of, or have already made the decision to become a coach. We have mentioned before, that coaching is in high demand – however, it is not just one on one coaching.


Implementing coaching programs or coaching training for managers for business application is on the rise as well!


Coaching has been recommended as a must for companies, especially those who are looking to attract and manage millennial talent.


Managers are finding that implementing coaching techniques leads to:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased retention levels
  • Increased quality of work
  • Reduction in customer service issues
  • Increase in overall profitability.


Harvard Business Review has numerous articles on how coaching and specifically managers are being trained to implement coaching tools, and how it affects businesses in a profound way.



They see coaching as an essential tool for achieving business goals. They are not coaching their people because they are nice — they see personal involvement in the development of talent as an essential activity for business success. Most managers will tell you that they don’t have the time to coach. However, time isn’t a problem if you think coaching is a “must have” rather than a “nice to have.” Whether it’s because they are competing for talent, operating in a highly turbulent market place, trying to retain their budding leaders, or aiming to grow their solid players, they believe that they simply have to take the time to coach.



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