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Are You a Hero?

Are You a Hero?

We’re not talking the superhuman kind, though that might be fun.


We are talking about the type of human that inspires greatness in others. The type of coach that can help their client, achieve and surpass their personal goals.


We all have a list of our personal heroes who at one point, helped bring us up and out of a challenging time. When clients seek out coaching, its to help them achieve results that surpass what they are capable of doing on their own.


When growing your coaching business, one of your first marketing tasks will be to choose who you want to be a hero to, or simply, who do you want to serve.


This article from breaks down 4 steps to growing a thriving coaching business, and under the first step, they ask 2 questions that are vitally important to help you identify who you are meant to serve.


You need to answer the following two questions to determine who you want to serve as your audience:

  1. What is the  No. 1 problem you can solve for others? Think about your skills, knowledge, and experience. How are you uniquely positioned to solve this problem in a powerful way?

  2. Who do you want to be a hero to? When you provide life-changing results in an authentic way, you create loyal followers who will hang on your every word and sing your praises to anyone who will listen.



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