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Why Most Coaches Can’t Really Help Their Clients


When most people share their problems with a coach or even a good friend, you’ll notice a very common pattern:


The clients tells you where they’re AT, where they want to GO and the OBSTACLE in the way.


When most people think about coaching or calling a good friend, they call because they believe you have great advice that can help them. You’ll also notice a pattern here too.


Typically, you’ll drop into one of these default roles:

  • Become their cheerleader“Don’t worry! You got this!”
  • Become their mentor“Here’s what you should do (gives best advice)”

Even if you tried to give them the best advice in the world, using these techniques will cost your client or friend big time. They’ll end up stuck and not get what they want.  Why? Because you missed one vital part of what’s standing in between your client and what they want.


There are Two Major Things Preventing Your Clients From Getting What They Want.

The two things that prevent people from achieving the results they want in work, life, health, relationships etc:

  1. Client’s beliefs
  2. Client’s internal conflict

The beliefs that stand in someone’s way we refer to as limiting beliefs, and we share a complete process to use to overcome beliefs that can hold someone back in Performance Coach University.


Internal conflict is a result of when someone believes they need to operate on a certain set of values that are not their own. We dive deep into internal conflicts and beliefs in our coach certification program.


If you want to make an impact in the lives of others and really stand out as a coach, you need to study and learn from people who specialize in coaching, high performance, and achieving results.


That’s why we developed Performance Coach University along with the best experts and trainers on performance coaching tools. We are dedicated to training you to get the best results for your clients. We teach you the exact tools, strategies and exercises that have helped our own clients achieve remarkable results.


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To your success,

Jairek Robbins & TEAM PCU