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How To Coach Through The Four Stages of Learning – Conscious Competence Ladder


Have you ever heard the phrase – Meet them where they are?


Well, the tool we are sharing with you today will empower you to do just that with your coaching clients by helping you identify where your clients are so that you can support them best.

There are 4 Levels of learning:

  1. Unconscious¬†Incompetent – meaning they don’t know that they don’t know.
  2. Conscious Incompetent – meaning they know what they don’t know, but are not doing anything to change it.
  3. Conscious Competent – meaning they now know, but have to work hard at it.
  4. Unconscious Competent – meaning the knowledge has become second nature to them.


Understanding these 4 levels of learning, how to identify where the person is, will amplify your results and expedite getting them where they need to go.


Download the infographic here!


Once you know where they are – you can break down your coaching plan into 3 simple steps:


Step1 – Determine where they are. Be sure to ask probing discover questions during this stage – really get to know them!


Step 2 – Customize your coaching plan based on where they are – Use the coaching tools at your disposal to customize your coaching plan to build them up and reinforce their progress.


Step 3 – Measure for improvement! – Check back in, ask similar probing questions and look for behaviors that indicate the client is integrating this new knowledge or behaviors into their life.

To your success,


Jairek Robbins