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Coaching Website Checklist Part 2

Coaching Website Checklist


As we covered in Part 1 of the Coaching Website Checklist, a website is very important to any coaching business. Your coaching website should be a reflection of your work. Therefore, you’ll want it to be of high quality as not to turn off potential readers. Making your website easy to use and informative will keep visitors engaged. Because technology never works 100 % of the time, it’s important to keep up on the content of your website to make sure everything is working fine.

Let’s take a look at Part 2 of the Coaching Website Checklist

Here are a few tips to improve the user experience and operation of your website.


Make It Easily Available

There are many different types of ways to view websites nowadays. Laptops, smartphones, tablets and even gaming devices have internet browsers. However, not all browsers work the same. You’ll want to make sure your website is compatible with different internet browsers, especially more popular choices such as Google Chrome. Additionally, websites need to be specially formatted to work with different types of devices, especially mobile. By making your website work seamlessly across different devices, you’ll be able to ensure your website is available to everyone.

Make Sure Everything Works

While it’s important to have your coaching website available on different Coaching Website Checklistplatforms, you’ll have to make sure everything on the site is working right. If you have content on your site such as downloadable content and opt-ins, you’ll want to test them every once in awhile to make sure they work correctly. If you don’t have opt-ins and are interested, they are available to you. Using the Popup Alley Pro app through WordPress will get you started with opt-in messages. A great call to action, opt-in messages are a fantastic way to interact with those visiting your website. As long as everything is operating correctly, your site will continue to reflect the high quality of your coaching.

Social Media Icons

The use of social media is great for any coaching business. By integrating social media, you‘ll be able to connect with those interested in your coaching services more effectively. Everything from more common social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to more specialized platforms like Pinterest and LinkedIn are great ways to increase the connection with followers. A perfect way to bridge the gap between between your website and social media presence is through the use of share icons. These make it easy to share content in the click of a button. Like everything else, make sure these icons are up and working when you launch your site and double check them periodically.

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