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New Time Management Habits Part 3 – Breaking Bad Habits To Create Better Habits

time management good habits vs bad habits for better productivity

We all want to make sure we use our time valuably. With a busy schedule, a phone ringing off the hook, and deadlines to meet, time management is a valuable skill. Let’s take a look at a few time management habits you should eliminate and which time management habits you should incorporate into your daily routine.


Time Management Habit #1

Obsess over your email – Schedule Your Email.

Managing an email account is essential for your coaching career. The prevalence of smartphones has also made email readily available at all times, meaning you may feel the need to constantly be ready to work. Suddenly, the productive tool of email has become a stressful part of everyday life. However, you shouldn’t feel like you need to be available all the time.

Turn off your email notifications and instead schedule certain times of day to check your emails or don’t check them at all when you’re not at work.


Time Management Habit #2

Burn The Midnight Oil – Schedule downtime and thinking time.

For some reason, many people feel guilty about downtime and few people even have time to just ‘think’. Within the idea of “time management” people can falsely associate downtime with wasted time. That’s simply not the case. We need to realize how important downtime really is, it allows you to rest and recharge so you can go into your next meeting, day, week with heaps of energy and avoid burn out.


Time Management Habit #3

Complete simple tasks between others.

It’s easy to underestimate your less-than-difficult tasks and leave them for later. However, that can easily lead to forgetting about them altogether. Instead of waiting for the last minute to complete simple tasks, schedule time in between more complex work to complete the less complicated tasks.

Create an ‘in between’ tasks list to knock out during any unexpected breaks throughout the day. 


Time Management Habit #4

Avoid breaks during the day – Take 5 minute breaks every 30-45 minutes.

Ever feel like your brain has become mush from thinking/doing/staring at a screen for long periods of time. Your mental load or capacity has been exceeded – it’s normal. A 5 minute break between 30-45 minute extreme focus helps you work longer, faster, and be far more productive. The longer between breaks, the less productive we are.


As we established, there’s no reason to feel guilty about having some downtime. But that also means during the workday. Schedule yourself some breaks during the day, even if they’re just for five minutes or a quick snack. The small recharge you’ll get from it will be worth your productivity later.


Time Management Habit #5

Check your schedule in the A.M. – Review your desired outcomes the night before.

So often we leave heaps of ideas, to-dos, don’t forgets in our head until the morning, making our sleep subpar because we never fully let our brains shut off. However, if you write down the top 10 things you want to accomplish the night before, you’ll rest better and wake up ready to conquer the world because you know exactly where you’re headed and what you’re set to accomplish. No surprises or hazy planning. Plus, it never hurts to look forward a little bit. Whether getting ready for bed or drafting up a list, thinking up your desired outcomes for the next day is a great way to stimulate better sleep and greater productivity for the week.


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