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Time Management Training Part 2 – Time Audit Tools

TIME MANAGEMENT TOOLS STRATEGIES TRAININGWe’re all trying to strive for a good sense of time management. However, it’s much easier said than done. We need to keep ourselves in check in order to make sure we use our time effectively. Thankfully, we’ve got a few time management audits that will help keep you in check. Let’s take a look at a few ways to audit the way you manage your time.


Download today’s time management toolkit below!


First, there are many tools you can utilize to keep your time management steady. Rescue Time is a common way to create weekly reports of your productivity. The tool helps to organize positive and negative activities, helping you run reports on your activity. Toggl is another popular tool for time management. Unlike Rescue Time, which is more for weekly reports, Toggl helps with day-to-day productivity. You’ll get additional feedback while tracking your daily tasks.


Beyond technological tools, writing down actions you need to avoid is a great way to jumpstart productivity. With all the distractions out there, it’s easy to lose your time and waste your effort. Tab down what drains your time and energy, how you can solve it, and a deadline to resolve the issue.


After you look at your time a bit more intuitively, start to think more deeply about those time wasters. Take some time to think about what time of day you are the least productive. What can you do during that time to increase your productivity? You may even be wasting time when you think you’re being productive. Try and consider what tasks are eating up the most amount of time. This will be important for keeping your time management in check.


When you’re looking at your day, there’s also bound to be activities you don’t enjoy. Think about how important these tasks may be and see if you can cut them out for something more positive. Ultimately, if you are able to look at your tasks for the day and analyze what you get from them, you can focus on what needs to get done and cut out what won’t be beneficial.


Make sure to download your second tool of this 4-Part Time Management Training Series below and immediately see where you’re spending most of your time. Next up, we’ll discuss exactly what to do with this audit. i.e. How to replace lost/wasted/unproductive time with super uber performance & results focused time.


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