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Time Management Training Part 1 – Take The Pledge

time managment training pledge pcu

Time management is a very important part of coaching and leadership. From analyzing your team or  client’s time needs to managing your own, getting on a well timed schedule will make your coaching career much more productive. To kick off this time management training series, let’s take a very important pledge to improve our time management. This commitment is imperative to seeing lasting change and unbeatable results.


Time Management Training Series Part 1 – Take The Pledge

I will only focus on what I have enough time for.

If you’ve got a busy schedule, you may feel overwhelmed pretty easily. However, that doesn’t mean you should stress out over what you don’t have time for. Utilizing proper time management will help to make sure you know your time limits and postpone what can wait for tomorrow.


I will not always leave my email open.

With the dawn of smartphones, it’s easy to feel like you’re always available. However, even if you’re working on your laptop you may constantly have an email tab open. This is not only distracting, but can add extra stress you don’t need. Have designated times where you check your email and even take time to shut off your email notifications altogether.


I will write out a to-do list.

Creating a to-do list in your head may make you feel productive. You’ll list everything you have to do mentally, thinking it’ll map out your day. However, keeping it in your mind should only be your first step. Writing your list down will not only keep the items fresh in your head, it will also increase your focus on completing the tasks.


I will start a task within 5 minutes of sitting down at my computer.

A computer can be a very productive tool. However, it can also be endlessly distracting. With all the entertainment provided by the internet, it’s easy to catch yourself wasting time when you should be working. Try and start a task in your first 5 minutes at your computer to make sure you start the day productively.


I will limit anything that wastes energy.

When it comes to time management, energy is a huge factor. You want to make sure you’re at 100% while you complete your daily tasks. Therefore, making sure you identify and reduce activities that will waste time and energy will keep your energy high and your time managed.


I will look at tomorrow’s goals tonight.

While you’ve probably had a long day already, you can save yourself a good amount of time tomorrow by looking over your goals. Whether looking at your daily tasks or possible outcomes, it never hurts to look forward to tomorrow.