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TIME: How It Can Completely Rock or Ruin Your Business and Relationships

time quote

Before we dive in, I have a question for you: When was the last time you experienced a moment when time completely disappeared?


Maybe you found yourself lost in a project, walking outside, making love, or even eating a delicious meal for hours without even realizing it…

Whatever the moment, when do you find that you’re able to get completely lost in the moment?


On the flip side, when does time seem to drag on? How often do you find yourself in situations when a few minutes seems like an eternity? Do you know what causes the difference between time flying by vs feeling like an eternity?


In today’s episode we are going to dive into time, the concept, meaning, beliefs and rules you have about time.


Time is one of the most important topics in life.


Whether you find yourself never having enough time, having too much time, taking too long, not taking long enough, being late, being behind, or being “right on time”, we’re going to dissect the different mindsets people have around time.


This topic is insanely important in business and intimate relationships. Anytime you’re working with another person, it’s important to understand your beliefs and “rules” around time as well as theirs, otherwise it can get UGLY.


Get a grasp on this and it’ll completely change your experience of life, business and relationships for the better.


What do you think?

To Your Success,