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What is a Performance Coach?

What could you achieve in a day, month, year or in a lifetime?

Coaching is a guided conversation, based on the question above to help an individual get the most out of themselves.

There are several kinds of coach niches, including executive coaching, business coaching, motivational coaching, wellness coaching, relationship coaching, and of course life coaching.

Life coaching might seem to cover all those areas but there’s no single way to measure our potential other than regularly stretching ourselves. It’s even harder to evaluate ourselves if we are constantly in the midst of our challenges. We can’t see our blind spots.

That is where performance coaching fills the gap by offering additional accountability focused towards specific goals and stretches us past what we think is possible.

So why do people engage a performance coach? Often because they have identified and are ready to get to the next level in their business, job, health, relationship or just for their long-term future planning. Even the greatest in any industry, work with performance coaches to lay out plans for the future for consistent performance.

Here are 5 areas of focus in performance coaching:  


Top performing individuals often feel stretched to the max and also struggle to look beyond the boundaries of their current performance. A performance coach helps provide a fresh, unbiased assessment of the their current situation.

After a while, even the best among us struggle to see beyond our current performance levels. We invariably begin to set our boundaries down and to create our own limitations and even obstacles. A good performance coach can help you accurately assess and reframe existing situations. This can unlock new doors and raise our performance levels.

Top performers consistently push their own capabilities to maintain the kind of results they get. However, they sometimes hit some limits which can be real or imagined. When you feel like you have reached such a point, then you may need a reappraisal of your current situation. By helping you look at your current realities in a new light or through a different lens, a performance coach can help you turn into an expert re-framer.


The American novelist Kurt Vonnegut once comically said, “why throw money at problems? That’s what money is for.” This, of course, is not entirely true.

There is an almost universal belief that whenever we have problems or issues with our performance, then we have to expend more resources to fix them. Just because some problems are caused by, in part or in full, a lack of resources does not necessarily mean that expenditures are inevitable.

It is often incredibly difficult to get past this kind of perspective, especially if it touches on our performance. A performance coach will help you brainstorm new approaches, procedures and even processes that can eliminate the apparent need for more resources to improve your performance.

In fact, performance coaching, in general, is all about helping you to appreciate the fact that top performance is 80% psychology and 20% operations (execution/actions). To get consistent top performance, you will have to realize that many of your limitations are likely not in the operations side.


Coaching often takes a proactive approach and deals with the here and now so that you can craft a desired future or outcome. However, maintaining consistent progress towards your goals requires a certain amount of foresight.

Of course, it would be easier for you to find a crystal ball and look into your future. But to stay on top, you need to anticipate potential obstacles and to also incorporate ways to deal with them when developing your action plans.

Consistent top performance is about agility and quickly springing back rather than complete avoidance of hitches. A straight line, steady, uninterrupted progress is not realistic. A performance coach helps you to appreciate this fact of life or work and also helps you develop strategies to deal with potential challenges.


This has to be the single most potent aspect of top performers. They seem to always be in a ‘zone’ and clear about what they want, who they are, what they want to accomplish, and the kind of interactions and experiences they need.

After a while, people tend to get wound up in their lives or careers and even lose their perspective. As we all know, complexity is the number one enemy of execution. Sooner or later their performance takes a dip or begins to fleet manically between highs and lows.

Without clarity, we cannot reach or maintain top performance and more often than not, we will require the help of a professional, a neutral figure to help clear our view. A performance coach will help us get out of our mental ruts caused by our adverse thought processes such as analysis-paralysis.


Top performers have sustained and heightened levels of energy. They have a mental and physical vitality that is palpable and that you can almost feel whenever you are around them. High performers have more energy and more mental stamina to go with their day.

However, this energy is never the result of luck or some kind of external infusion. They consistently generate this energy and also know where they need to expend it. As a result, they try to get through their day with minimal waste of their energy.

Because of their vast experience and expertise, performance coaches can help you learn how to generate and manage this energy. Energy is absolutely critical when it comes to consistent top performance. Spreading your energies over many things, for instance, means it dissipates too quickly. Remember, when it comes to execution of your plans or your work, this energy is a precious resource and one you should never waste.

Are you ready to become a performance coach?

If you are not a PCU student and want to add deeper meaning and purpose to your life and business through coaching, now is the time! Now more than ever people are openly looking for coaches, someone in their corner to help guide them to achieving their goals. They want to perform better in their jobs, lives, health, and relationships and they know working with a coach is the answer. Let that coach be you!

As a coach, you can make a real lasting impact in the lives of others. But do you know how to develop your clients’ personal and professional performance? Don’t worry, we got you covered! PCU gives you the exact framework, tools, and support you need to succeed. Tap into the emerging demand of performance coaching.

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To Your Success.

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