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How Does Life Coaching Work?

In today’s complicated world, it isn’t uncommon to find people who feel stuck, aren’t performing at their very best and feel overwhelmed with life in general. In such situations, the help of a coach can go a long way towards resolving the issues affecting such people and get them on their way to living their lives to the fullest. Here are some of the ways through which life and performance coaching can enable you to transform your life for the better.

Clarifying What You Want

In this day and age, we tend to be so busy that we never really get the time to think deeply about what we want from life. Consequently, it is easy to find yourself drifting without any real direction.

Not knowing what you truly want can create serious lifelong problems because, as they say, when you don’t know what you want, others will use you to get what they want. You become a tool for others, and seeing them progress at your expense can be quite disheartening to say the least.

When you enlist the help of a coach, he or she will interact with you and ask you thought-provoking questions which will lead you to define what you actually want from life. For example, you may find it easy to state what you don’t want about your life as it is. The coach can then guide you to use what you don’t want as a basis for determining what you want.

Once that picture of what you want becomes clear, you will start living your life with a sense of purpose. Making decisions will get easier because you now have a yardstick to judge whether a given path aligns with your inner self or not. This clarity will accelerate your path to success because everything you do will be purposeful.

Overcoming Obstacles

Sometimes, you may know what you want but find it hard to attain those objectives. This can cause a lot of frustration, and you could end up diverting from your chosen path simply because you have failed to identify and overcome the obstacles in your way.

Undergoing coaching is a sure way to break through the obstacles which have been preventing you from moving quickly on the path that you have chosen. The coach will listen actively to you during each coaching session and ask probing questions that may unearth things in your past or current life which could be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

For example, the coach may help you to realize that your failure to advance in your career is due to your reluctance to take on leadership roles. Your inadequate conflict resolution skills could explain why you aren’t comfortable becoming a leader, so once the coach equips you with the tools and skills you need to overcome this limitation, then your career will take off.

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Making Your Goals Achievable

Coaching also works by enabling you to formulate achievable goals. Many times, people don’t reach their full potential because they go about goal-setting the wrong way.

For example, you may be poor at setting goals which are specific. Goals like “I want to be happy” aren’t specific, so you will find it hard to track your progress towards attaining them, and they lack many attributes of SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound) goals.

With the help of a coach, you can learn how to set goals the right way. When that happens, it will not be long before you are waltzing your way to attaining those goals in each aspect of your life. This is because you will build momentum as each milestone attained fuels you to take on the next task and the next until you attain your ultimate objective.

Building Your Strengths and Confidence

Another major way in which coaching works is that it facilitates you to build on your strengths and take your confidence to higher levels. Many people don’t know what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Consequently, they live mediocre lives because they are unable to capitalize on their strengths and take steps to limit the impact of their weaknesses.

The Chinese have a saying that there are three major powers in the world. The first is “the power of the sword.” This refers to weapons or military might. Whoever has the best weapons rules. The second is “the power of the jewel.” This refers to precious materials, such as gold, oil, diamond and other precious minerals. Whoever has such wealth also dominates those who don’t. The third power is “the power of the mirror.” This refers to self-knowledge. Do you see who you really are when you look in a mirror? The Chinese believe that the greatest power of all those three is the power of the mirror.

Self-awareness makes you unstoppable because you will get maximum value from all your abilities and strengths. A coach is the best person to help you develop self-awareness and healthy self-confidence. Once those two are in place, nothing will stop you from reaching all your goals.

Providing Support During Major Life Changes

As you may know, the only constant in life is change. Some changes are minor, such as making a lateral job change within the same company. Other changes are major, such as switching careers decades after you joined the workforce.

Having a coach can help you to navigate the changes you have to make during the different stages of your life. For example, the coach will help you to make the most appropriate decision about making a career change, and then help you to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The support provided by a coach can also take the form of holding you accountable for taking the needed steps during that change. Knowing that someone will hold you to account can nudge you to do what needs to be done instead of wasting time second-guessing yourself and wondering whether you made the right choice. Such procrastination and uncertainty can rob you of time and make you miss opportunities.

As you can see, coaching works to your benefit in many ways largely because it is customized to your needs as a coachee. The trick lies in identifying the most appropriate coach who is best placed to work with you through the challenges that you face. That time and effort which you invest in finding a coach will pay off massively as you see your life take a turn for the better soon after you start working with a coach.

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