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[Coaching Tips] 4 Ways To Celebrate Wins for Coaching Clients and You!


Have you ever gone through a year, at the at the end while reflecting on that year you feel like nothing major happened? It feels like the whole year was a blur and while nothing catastrophic happened, you wouldn’t consider that year a landmark year either.



So you keep it moving, and vow for the next year to be even better than last year – and it is – and so is the year after that and then suddenly in the third year all these amazing things happen and your mind is blown and you declare this to be the BEST YEAR EVER. Phenomenal!


Except, you could have felt that way about all the years leading up to it, had you taken the time to do one thing.





When we celebrate our wins, no matter how small, it amplifies our lives and adds deeper meaning to our journey. So in reflecting we will be able to identify those wins as the stepping stones to that rockstar of a year!



This is important as coaches and in coaching, because we have to teach clients to recognize the power in all the shifts and patterns they are making and breaking along the way to better versions of themselves. When someone breaks through a pattern that they have had their entire life and are better friends, family members, and people for it, no matter how small it may seem, that deserves to be celebrated!



So how do you celebrate? We came across this awesome blogpost that breaks it down simply with 4 examples:


  • Create your jar of awesome: This will serve two purposes: make you stop for a moment, appreciate the present and write it down on a piece of paper; but also it will create a bunch of happy memories you can pick from whenever you feel down or demotivated.


  • Keep a daily gratitude journal: Write down the amazing things that happened that day and why you are grateful for it. It’s important to write it down: this activates different parts of your brain, and helps you elaborate and remember the positive things that happened in the past few hours.


  • Review your week with someone else: Find an accountability partner: it’s an amazingly effective and made the process more fun.


  • Bribe yourself: Rewarding yourself is very important, as you are associating a positive stimulus to achieving your goals. This will prime your brain to stick to future goals more easily.


Check out the full blogpost here as it expands on these and also shares some tips the author has on how he implements these.



To Your Success,


Jairek Robbins

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