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Trouble Staying Focused? Here’s How to Increase Your Attention Span!

The term, staying present, has never been more prevalent than it is now. While the concept and teachings of being present and in the moment are not new, as a society, we have more avenues for distraction than we ever have.

Technology is wonderful and the advances we have made as a collective because of technology is amazing. However, a by-product of these advancements is that we struggle to stay connected and engaged with each other over an extended period of time because something, someone or some app is always vying for our attention.

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As a coach, that may be an area you struggle in, especially if you coach virtually. Are you able to keep your clients engaged and present during their sessions, or do you feel them drift off and you can tell that you are competing for their attention? Or Vice versa, are you able to stay focused and on point during your sessions without feeling stretched or distracted.

Well as much as you probably want to put the blame solely on technology – it’s truly not the source. The real challenge with overcoming distraction is disciplining your brain. Our brains are designed to seek new information and sort it, however, our job is to be able to focus that energy and stay engaged with who we are with or the task at hand.

This week we want to share with you some awesome tips to discipline your brain from an article based on the book:  The Distracted Mind: Ancient Brains in a High-Tech World.

Here are 5 Tips directly from the article:


  • Stop multitasking: You wouldn’t try to lift 5000 pounds. Your body can’t do that. Don’t try to do your best work while checking email, texting, and posting to Instagram. Your brain can’t do that.


  • Exercise: You know it’s good for your body. Guess what? Your brain’s part of your body.


  • Meditate: Simply put, meditation is attention training.


  • Call your mother nature: Looking at a picture of a tree is like a deep tissue massage for your brain.


  • Reduce interference: Remove anything from your environment that might distract you. Batch email and social media. Extend the time between breaks to build your attention muscles.

Be sure to download this helpful infographic and keep it handy – share with your friends, clients and keep for yourself.

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