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The Best Habit Tracking Journals

How important are the first 60 minutes of your day? Hint: they set the tone for the rest of your day. The idea is that success isn’t just based on waking up early; it’s based on a highly effective morning routine and good habits.

Many of us coaches have read a lot on self-improvement and have collected many wonderful pieces of advice, insights, and ideas. But somehow, it can be a bit challenging to put all the pieces together. That’s where habit tracking journals come in!

Here are four habit-tracking journals that can help you get a jump on your most cherished dreams and goals:

1. “Morning Sidekick Journal” by Habit Nest

Habit Nest, creators of the Morning Sidekick Journal insist that many of the most successful people in the world already like to get their most important stuff done in the morning. Therefore, through this journal, they aim to set you up for that kind of success.

The Morning Sidekick Journal is not designed to be a planner, but rather, more like a goal setting or achievement tool. It’s pretty easy to fill out every morning, daytime, or evening. The beauty of the journal is that you’ll learn to stay laser-focused on specific actions that will turbocharge your mornings. 

The journal is designed around a Three-phase system which is whittled down into three simple steps: establishing your WHY, strategizing on HOW you are going to do it, and finally preparing for WHAT you will be doing every single day. 

Through 66 days of tracking your habits, you’ll determine the best sleep-waking time, learn to focus on your most important tasks first, and strategize how to improve your day. You’ll also identify distractions and at the end of the day, positively reflect on your day as you plan out your next day’s morning routine.

Users have shared many wonderful reviews about how their mornings have become supercharged courtesy of the Morning Sidekick Journal. Join the movement of over 20,000 followers who tackle their mornings and look forward to them every day. As its tagline goes, conquer your morning, conquer your life. 

We are huge fans of this journal but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what other users have to say,

“I accomplish so much more and feel so much healthier, I meditate, exercise, read and I’m learning a new language all before 8am!”

Buy the morning sidekick journal here! P.s. they also have a great journal for losing weight, strength training and meditating too!

2. “Miracle Morning Journal” by Hal Elrod

Side note: Hal Elrod once lost his house, suffered a rare and aggressive form of cancer, had 11 fractures from a nasty car crash, and was told he would never walk again. 

The Miracle Morning Journal is based on Hal Elrod’s bestselling book, The Miracle Morning. But you do not need to read the book to see how this journal can make your life take a dramatic turn for the better.

The journal is designed a six-step routine which is based on the concept of habit stacking. This is simply picking up a few habits that you want to practice, making a sequence out of them, and then turning the sequence itself into a habit. Creating a habit stack can be as simple as; after I do this, I will do this, and then I will do that. After that, I will do the other one.

The best thing about this kind of approach is that you can adopt several good habits all at once. By automating your behavior to perform the entire sequence, you will need less motivation than if you had to practice the individual habits. And you will build a momentum quite fast.

When designing the Miracle Morning Journal, Hal Elrod created a simple acronym to memorize the habits; S.A.V.E.R.S. Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing (writing or journaling). 

By practicing all six habits for 10 minutes each, you will create an hour-long morning routine (habit stack) that can produce dramatic results as many users of the journal have already attested. The good news is that you can adjust your habit stack to any schedule.

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3. “Freedom Journal” by John Lee Dumas 

We now have an app for just about everything. The Freedom Journal is a physical book, a rock or anchor, something you can hold onto. It is something that will always be around you, holding you accountable and giving you a virtual ‘thumbs up’ as you go about your day.

The Freedom Journal is designed using a scientific approach to help you accomplish your number one goal(s) in 100 days. It is one of the best daily planners and it uses strategies, all based on science, to dramatically increase your ability to remain laser-focused and accomplish your goals.

Like many people all over the world, you may have a dream but have no execution plan. As the days’ rollover, you may flail and stumble towards your goal, feeling your way in the dark as you work towards your goal. The journal is quite effective and cuts across generations as many different users continue to attest.

” Love, Love, Love the Freedom Journal… in the Freedom Journal I’ve discovered what was missing.. The Actual connecting on my thoughts with a pencil to paper. ….The Freedom Journal has become my new go-to tool to create anything I want in only a 100 days.” – Jay J.

The Freedom Journal is organized around a step-by-step actionable execution plan that anyone can use. It is made up of ten 10-day sprints, which means you will accomplish 10 micro-goals on your journey. You’ll create the necessary momentum and motivation to ignite your number one goal. It also includes three quarterly reviews that would show you what has been working and what has not been working over a 25-day period.

Once you’ve identified your number one focus, you’ll state three objectives and create your own action plan to help you accomplish that goal. The Freedom Journal also comes with a guide on gratitude exercises every morning to help fire up your day.

4. “Five Minute Journal” by Intelligent Change 

Could a journal immediately shift your patterns of conscious and subconscious thoughts and in turn, affect your mood all day long? 

The Five Minute Journal has been carefully designed to enable you to be happier in just 5 minutes a day. And yes, it is possible.

” I am a 3rd-year college student and I work 3 jobs. Life is stressful, I also struggle with anxiety. If you follow the instructions on this journal (don’t skip the preface) you will start to change your way of thinking. Along with changing my eating habits and trying to appreciate the little things my life has been less stressful and I see myself being more positive. This journal is one of the tools helping me to achieve that.” – Hb4139

Every prompt within the Five Minute Journal feels impactful. It uses the science of positive psychology to improve your happiness by focusing your attention on the good in your life. By changing how you feel, you can then take better actions and therefore, better and positive results.

While journaling isn’t generally everyone’s cup of tea, the simple approach of this journal will make it work for anyone. It is designed around six sections; 

  1. Inspiring Quotes/Weekly Challenges
  2. Gratitude
  3. What would make today great?
  4. Affirmation
  5. List three amazing things that happened today
  6. How could you have made the day better

The Five Minute Journal starts off with a short introductory section that details the science behind this habit. It includes an exercise to help you make a personal commitment and to think of some proactive strategies that would keep you on track to success. 

In short, it is more than just a gratitude journal for the simple fact that it also includes daily goal visioning which will rewire your brain to focus on positive things. 

And it really only takes five minutes. 

In Conclusion…

Whichever way you look at them, journals function like ‘coaching books.’ Other than actually engaging a coach, they are as close as you can get to having a personal coach. The price tag on each of these journals is nowhere near the overhaul of your mornings and your overall routines.

Why don’t you grab yourself one of these journals and set your days on fire.

To Your Success,

Jairek Robbins and Team PCU

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